precious cabinet Orage

by Nicolas Aubagnac

base in solid black oiled maple tree
parment of precious panels of "flake" brown and black lacquer
stretched leather drawers
extractable cases in natural oiled walnut and stratched leather

limited edition of 8

L = 50 cm | P = 50 cm | H = 110 cm
W = 19.7 in | D = 19.7 in | H = 43.3 in

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A minimalist simplicity to its shape: a solid cube placed on top of an empty cube.

A tribute to materials: a mysterious lacquer invented by our workshops. The cabinet is covered in a precious lacquer that calls to mind an imaginary stone or shades of oven-baked enamel. The inside is completely sheathed in leather and drawers emerge in which you can find treasured compartments. The Orage Cabinet is a decorative piece of furniture that reminds you of jewellery boxes.
A limited edition of only 8 pieces all signed and numbered.