lamp Stella

by Nicolas Aubagnac

forged steel and 24 carats gold leaves

H = 57 cm
H = 22,50 in

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projet Studio Nicolas Aubagnac, Paris

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A golden star is landing on your table....

Stella is as much a piece of sculpture as a lamp.... Nicolas Aubagnac created it in homage to Luca Pacioli de Borgo, a Renaissance mathematician known for his written work that in those days might well have been regarded as a bestseller: the “Divina Proportione” printed in 1509. This knowledgeable written work will always act as a point of reference for all architects, painters and sculptors, since it is a compilation of all the formulas that allow you to trace or make three dimensional simple or complex geometric shapes that are either round, square or triangle in form. The Stella lamp is indeed one of these polyhedrons. With its multitude of sides combined with its unique gold leaf shine, the result gives a soft light that almost moves.