lamp Helios

by Nicolas Aubagnac

straw marquetry, sun pattern
base in solid ebony wood

H = 53 cm
H = 20,90 in

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According to Greek mythology, ‘Helios’ is the God whose daily mission was to drive the chariot of the sun.

The Helios lamp created by Nicolas Aubagnac in 2006, symbolically conjures up the sun: On a smooth base of solid ebony that has been polished to perfection ‘stems’ a disc of light. This precious golden wheel is entirely covered in fine marquetry made from lengths of straw. Naturally each stalk has a different colour and therefore the combination of assembled stalks gives the impression that the lamp is in fact lit from within. Do you know that we use rye straw which by nature is covered in silica, a varnish that gives the straw its shine as well as allowing it to retain the sap inside the stem? The Helios lamp bears the creator’s seal with a stamp applied with a hot iron.