cabinet Orion

by Nicolas Aubagnac

solid Gabon ebony. Medallions of white ebony from Laos
upper flap part with adjustable shelves
3 drawers in the lower part

limited edition of 3 pieces

L = 125 cm | P = 40 cm | H = 110 cm
L = 49,20 in | D = 15,75 in | H = 43,30 in

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Declination in Ziricotte for Galerie Scène Ouverte, Paris 7

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The inspiration for the Orion cabinet is derived from Italian Renaissance cabinets which in those days were carved entirely in ebony, the prize wood that portrayed power and wealth.

Similar to cabinets from long ago, the ORION cabinet takes the shape of a chest covered in precious wood that stands on a carved base. The base is made from Gabon ebony that has been waxed and polished. This wood is so hard and smooth that it could be confused with bronze, indeed it is for this reason that it can be polished like metal to make it shine. Each section of this base has been carved like a piece of jewellery. The ‘chest’ is covered in sheets of white ébony from Laos, a rare wood that possesses a natural elaborate design, one that inspires imaginary calligraphies. Inside the cabinet there are three drawers as well as a writing desk veneered in Bubinga, a perfumed and exotic wood with a wavy grain resembling folded silk .... Three Orion cabinets have been made each numbered and signed by way of a hot iron, characteristic of all Nicolas Aubagnac’s creations.