cabinet bergamasque

by Nicolas Aubagnac

walnut and bronze

Grands Siècles collection
edited by Delisle

L = 105 cm | P = 55 cm | H = 180 cm
L = 41,30 in | D = 20,60 in | H = 70,80 in

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Discover the "Grands Siècles" collection at DELISLE

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Bergamasque, a major piece created to celebrate the 120th anniversary of the famous Delisle bronze art work

The “Bergamasque” cabinet is a tribute to curiosity cabinets and gives you the impression of being in a gallery of ancestral portraits that stare at you from a corridor within an imaginary castle. Masks of nymphs, fauna, demi-gods originate from facades of Louis XIV and Louis XV furniture discovered by Nicolas Aubagnac while exploring the historical reserves of the Delisle company. They have a malicious look about them whilst some smile in an enigmatic manner.
A classical version associates golden bronze with Indian rosewood, a contemporary version associates polished bronze with French walnut. The black varnish enhances the luxurious materials and emphasizes the timeless proportions of this collectable piece of furniture. A secret locking system hidden in the central mask allows you to open the cabinet doors and discover the inside, inhabited by a lost ancestor !
Only 8 cabinets have been made plus 4 by the artist. Using a hot iron, it is signed with a double stamp “Nicolas Aubagnac -Delisle”. This cabinet is edited by the Delisle company in the “Grands Siècles” collection.

Discover the "Grands Siècles" collection at DELISLE