spare table Rhodes

by Nicolas Aubagnac

base in solid brass with handmade patina
soften stone from Burgundy

D = 80 cm | H = 75 cm
D = 31,50 in | H = 29,50 in

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Presenting the ‘Rhodes’ pedestal table, one of the most successful items from Nicolas Aubagnac’s collection.

Created exactly 10 years ago, this pedestal table has become a classic amongst classics and its elegance remains intact. The base, covered with gold leaves in the original version of the pedestal is now declined in brass with a bronze hand-made patina. The timeless marriage of bronze and beige is sure to be appreciated, no possible lack of taste! The shape of the pedestal table, round and gentle, unveils perfect architecturally inspired proportions. In particular the Rhodes pedestal table has been chosen by the ‘Mobilier National’ (National Furniture Board) to form part of the Elysee Palace collections. An elegant classic that is truly French.