stool négus

by Nicolas Aubagnac

cast bronze, hand patined

limited edition of 12

L = 92 cm | P = 47 cm | H = 40 cm
W = 36.2 in | D = 18.5 in | H = 15.7 in

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Galerie Pierre-Alain Challier, Paris

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I wanted both a simple footstool and a throne magnified in bronze

The NEGUS stool is one of Nicolas Aubagnac’s latest creations. With its timeless and impeccable proportions, this seat brings us back to basics. A simple curve acts as a seat as if it were a sheet that has been delicately suspended. The seat reminds you of a game of braiding with its very graphical design. Its four carved feet make you think of a plant, such as a creeper, that sprouts from the ground in order to support the suspended seat. Considered a sculpture, the Negus stool has been cast in bronze and polished/patinated by hand.
Only 12 examples exist, all signed and numbered.
The ideal adornment for an entry hall, a bedroom or a garden ....