console SINAN

by Nicolas Aubagnac

patined bronze, top of softened travertine

H = 81 | L = 127 | P = 41 cm
H = 31.9 | W = 50 | D = 16.1 in

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The SINAN console, a tribute to the famous Ottoman architect of the 16th century

This precious piece of furniture designed by Nicolas Aubagnac is composed by a simple geometrical figure, the hexagon, which gives the object a very architectural structure.

the feet join the belt like structural elements and create a stong and powerful silhouette. The designer has deliberately left theh patined bronze with a "rough" texture that accentuates the strength of the lines.

The creamy appearance of the travertine top, delicately softened, and the collar-shaped clogs that set the feet add a touch of refinement and give the SINAN console an undisputed elegance.