spare table Papyrus
X Maison Delisle

by Nicolas Aubagnac

bronze and marble

edited by DELISLE

rond : D = 59 cm | H = 64 cm
round : D = 23,25 in | H = 25 in
carré : L = 55 cm | H = 51 cm
square : L = 27,7 in | H = 20,10 in

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Papyrus is the marriage of modernity and minimalistic forms

The cone is the cornerstone of the collection, giving rise to geometric compositions evoking the symbol, and is the hallmark of the collection's sculptural character. "Papyrus" represents the renewal of tradition : for his designs, Nicolas Aubagnac privileged chased and patinated bronze in subtle textures, inspired by plants and nature. The success of this now iconic collection has allowed the models to evolve over time and has resulted in a variety of combinations suited to today's modern requirements.

Discover the Papyrus collection at DELISLE