pedestal Orion

by Nicolas Aubagnac

patined bronze and top of softened travertine


large pedestal
H = 72 | L = 70 | P = 80 cm
H = 28.3 | 27.6 | 31.5 in

small pedestal
H = 55 | L = 53 | P = 60 cm
H = 21.7 | 20.9 | 23.6 in

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Galerie Marcilhac, PAD Paris 2022

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The Orion pedestal : a real gem of geometry

All its constituent elements are based on the figure of the triangle.

Its base is a clever assembly of bronze rods with cut-off sides that play with light, creating an incessant rhythm of light and dark sides. The 6 legs of the pedestal table are linked by a perfect star which inspired the name of the piece of furniture: the constellation of Orion. Each foot is "chaussées" with a hoof carved like a precious stone. The piece of furniture is crowned by a hexagonal top whose stone is set in a belt of patinated bronze.

To enhance the linear silhouette of the piece of furniture, the designer has chosen to preserve the natural grain of the bronze as it comes out of the mould where it was cast. This texture, both raw and refined, is in dialogue with the veins of travertine, a soft and timeless stone with a subtle graphic design.

The Orion pedestal table is available in two sizes: a small size to be used as the end of a sofa or between two armchairs, and a large size to be used as a corner or middle pedestal table.